1. Mission of the Organization
MECANO GROUP is a customer focused organization that is working on three main missions and values throughout its establishment:

1. Client focused company through providing a deep understanding of our client.
2. Solution focused company by means of delivering exceptional services and values.
3. Leading company; with the help of our suppliers, we lead from the front.

In brief, MECANO GROUP is a customer focused organization that is working to be a leader in providing technology-enabled business solutions and services. The business holds a significant value proposition identified by a high quality, reliability, and effective service ability.

Furthermore, we are committed to stocking significant inventory for the majority of the items in our portfolio. Our knowledgeable team is ready to serve you by recommending complete solutions, verifying stock, quoting, entering and expediting orders to ensure you get the product when you need it.
2. Vision of the Organization
As any business, our main objective is to expand, develop, and achieve further growth.

MECANO GROUP promotes robotics solutions for automation in welding and other processes while keeping close track of international technological developments.

The Company is looking forward to expand its product range by diffusing the recent and advanced innovative welding processes as laser welding, cold metal transfer (CMT), and more of the robotic and automation welding.

With an attempt to develop a knowledge base of the employed people in the welding industry through education and training, MECANO GROUP will provide a clear process selection guide on the welding technology relative to its application. Hence, guiding the way to reach its vision and objectives.